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    Our technologies
    Unique and proprietary cutting-edge technology

Our added value: our unique and proprietary technologies


  • Proprietary AdServer
  • Behavioral scoring
  • User centric
  • Big data
  • Datamining
  • Arbitration display

The 'Adflex™' ad server technology developed by the group optimizes real-time advertising tools. Different technological components based on proprietary algorithms are used to display good advertising to the right targets.

The platform analyzes browser data. Solutions and data mining scoring optimize real-time dissemination of marketing tools.

To process such a large volume of data, Adflex ™ uses technology based on a clustered big data server architecture. The latter can be extended to enable collection and analysis of a large amount of data.



  • Routing
  • Deliverability
  • Survey report
  • Retargeting

AtFlex™ is an email routing platform based on a management tool for automated campaigns. This actual CRM solution can also manage advanced settings to optimize the ROI of each campaign.

Specializing in deliverability, relationships with different ISPs allow the platform to send transactional emails and direct marketing in the best conditions.

AtFlex™ also provides statistical reports that help, beyond performance analysis, to evaluate the different scenarios in place and increase the potential revenue each year.

Affiliate Network Software

  • Saas affiliation
  • Tracking management
  • Dedicated solution

Flex Multimedia's proprietory software provides proven affiliate marketing solutions. It has been used since 2007 by the group's subsidiaries that are dependent on its technical reliability of the developed solution.

The power of the analytics offered to affiliates enables them to optimize statistics with cross-tabulation campaigns. In addition, it enables them to edit reports in real time.

A full range of products is available to affiliates and includes the management of fixed income or revenue sharing, accessible both through white labelling and direct promotions. Payments are automated and open to different methods.

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