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    International Group
    The digital audience monetisation specialist

Since 2007, continued growth driven by our values and expertise

Who are we?

  • International presence
  • The digital audience monetisation specialist
  • Proprietary technologies

Flex Multimedia Group was established in 2007, its headquarters are in Geneva. The group specializes in digital audience monetization and marketing in new information technologies and communications.

Today, more than 50 employees enable the company to offer its services to two distinct types of customer: business customers (B2B) using the monetization solutions available to them and end users (B2C) to whom it offers directly accessible products and services through a variety of digital media.

About FLEX Multimedia Group
Vision et stratégie de FLEX Multimedia Group

Our values

  • We are aggressive
  • We work hard
  • We want to be the best

Customers are the most important people in the company. They don't depend on us, we depend on them. We devote all our energy and our time to them. This is because we provide first class services to our customers they trust us. So all staff give their best to meet our commitments.

Service is a state of mind. So that we can provide this service, our staff commits and wants to excel all the time. Human relationships are both the centre and the drive behind the group.

Vision & Strategy

  • We innovate to achieve the performances of tomorrow
  • We are on the cutting of edge technology
  • We are accessible
  • It's easy to do business with us

Our staff is a collective intelligence whose sole objective is to provide cost-effective solutions to our customers. Our corporate culture is based on trust and the fulfilment of every individual. People and research are at the heart of our strategy with one goal: excellence.

We give the best of ourselves to generate profits for each of our customers, our employees and the company.

Vision et Stratégie de FLEX Multimedia Group
Flex multimedia Group